Andrew Thakurdas

Group Manager - Business Support

Andrew is a trusted, results focused manager with broad policy and capability development experience in health, local government and scientific industrial sectors of New Zealand. Andrew has developed solutions at sector, enterprise and business unit levels which equip people with shared knowledge, improved processes and quality methods so as to transform their performance. Andrew passionately champions his assignment as well as creating cohesive teams that successfully deliver outcomes and multiple stakeholder benefits.

Stephen Smith

ICT Services Manager

Stephen believes he is the All Seeing, All Knowing, Omnipresent entity within the ICT Team.  In the real world, he has over 20 years’ experience within the ICT sector having previously worked for Telecom/Gen-I and Xtra as well as other smaller IT companies in the Waikato. Stephen is passionate about the utilisation of technology within businesses to help ensure they better meet their individual business objectives.