Fully managed, highly secure IaaS Cloud Solution


Fully managed or Self managed Dedicated Host Solution


VOIP based Communication Services

Disaster Recovery

Developing IT resilience by moving beyond Disaster Recovery

Cloud Back-up

Cost effective and fully managed Back-up Solution


Helping you solve today’s business challenges and take advantage of the new opportunities that cloud computing offers.

Cloud Infrastructure

Multi-Instance Architecture

We use advanced architecture providing multi‑instance isolation, giving every customer their own unique application space and separation. This means all customers have fully customised cloud services without affecting other customer instances. This also allows our cloud solution to scale seamlessly.

Advanced High Availability allows us to move customer instances quickly out of harm’s way for routine maintenance and unexpected issues.

Security and Compliance

We secure our cloud and your data using multiple technologies and levels of security that has been certified compliant by third‑party organisations.  We also integrate with single sign‑on services and secure your data using access controls by IP address, by user, by role, and using multi‑factor authentication. Protect data at rest using field and application encryption delivering comprehensive geographical and industry compliance.

Global Infrastructure

Our Cloud solutions are designed for global enterprises in terms of availability, location, and scale. Our geographic separation allows us to accommodate our customer’s physical location and data sovereignty requirements.
Operational Excellence is assured via:

  • Utilisation of Tier3+ data centre sites built and designed for availability featuring the highest standards of reliable power, fire suppression, and physical security
  • Redundant devices and power across all network and server infrastructure
  • Secure infrastructure with redundant firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), load balancers, and DDoS protection in every location
  • All data centre locations are staffed 24/7


Encrosys aims to be always operational for our customers. No vacations, no extended upgrade or maintenance windows, no single points of failure. We focus on near‑perfect availability with redundancy built at every layer of our cloud, including redundant devices and power across all network and server infrastructure. There is no downtime necessary for upgrades. Our monitoring solutions provide Availability Dashboards that shows availability from the customer's perspective.